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Change in Direction

  The greatest lesson I have learned from studying Stoic Philosophy this year is this - Be clear about, and accept, the difference between what you can control and what you cannot control. Think, plan and act on what can be controlled and discard from your thoughts that which you cannot control, because that is an absolute waste of your time and energy. “It stares you in the face. No role is so well suited to philosophy as the one you happen to be in right now.” - Marcus Aurelius I consume a lot of YouTube, lots of tutorials, music, audio books, friends channels, you name it. But that does not mean I should be producing videos for YouTube, and I feel I have been confused about that over recent years. I have done some art process and music videos and a couple silly vlogs, but the fact is, I am 67 years old, painfully self-conscious about my crooked teeth, and frankly, I feel my time would be better spent writing and illustrating books and creating fine art illustrations. It takes a lot

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