It's Been an Interesting Week


I recently responded to a friends' video about his thoughts on AI art with a comment that included this fact from the U.S Office of Copyright -

"U.S. Copyright Office Rules A.I. Art Can’t Be Copyrighted"

Full Article Here: 


I rarely check on comments once I post them, but the video came up in my feed and low and behold, there was a very angry response from a total stranger. Calling me a liar, among other things. (reminded me of those alternative facts, elections denial people - Look out! It's Q-ANON - LOL )  I politely responded with the US Copyright's findings and a link to the full report. Then I wished this person the best in their endeavors with computer generated art.

Which, pissed this troll off EVEN MORE - and they replied AGAIN with some really angry and aggressive language. 

At this point I politely shut it down and said I would not be responding any further. Peace Out. I then emailed my friends letting them know they have an angry troll in their video comments. 

This is one of the reasons I left all social media earlier this year and probably why I will stop seriously commenting on YouTube. There are a lot of very angry people online and they want to take their anger out on whomever is nearest them, even strangers on the internet. Whoever this troll was, I sincerely feel sympathy for the people who have to deal with them in real life. I can't even imagine what that must be like day after day. 30 seconds of it was all I could tolerate.


Around the House

I finished my guest bathroom renovation and was happy to get that done.

My 5 year old Kenmore microwave died suddenly - I called Sears and they wanted to charge me $250.00 to have a tech come out and JUST LOOK at it. To which replied, "No Thanks." After doing a little internet research I was able to find that it had a simple blown fuse. I went to the hardware store, purchased a fuse for $3.79 and fixed it. It works perfectly now! YAY!


School Daze  

My Course on the European History of Art Nouveau is kicking my ass HARD. But I am applying myself and my study skills. I did not think it was going to be as challenging as it is, but I am determined to pass!


The Malingering Buttress

I finished a few more pages on my way towards hitting that 50% complete mark so I can finally send it to my editor - 

Inch by inch anything's a cinch!

 Final Thoughts

 I want to leave you with some Stoic Philosophy that I've found very helpful when dealing with annoying people - 



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