Not Normal



From the film's description -

"Many of us spend our lives twisting ourselves into shapes that are unnatural and uncomfortable in the hopes of gaining acceptance from others. We do this in an effort to live up to their expectations, or avoid conflict. And in doing this, we fail to recognize what we deeply desire for ourselves and what is true within our own heart. 

If you're trying so hard to fit in, you're missing out on all the benefits of stepping out and really being you - that person that comes out when no one's looking, when your guard is down - that's you. And the good news is, we're all waiting for you to do it. Even though we won't say it out loud, we really want to know what the real you looks like, sounds like, acts like. We want you to do it so we can see just how easy it is for us to do it too. Let it shine!"


I am a proud sponsor of Green Renaissance Films. I am also dyslexic.

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