Splitting the Studio

I plan to release my first album of original music next year (2023) and this is the album cover I designed. (I thought the title was both funny & naughty) 

One of the percussion-heavy songs I will be reworking is my "Friendly Little Machines" - Where all the percussion is made from doors slamming, car crashes, gun shots, trains, phones ringing and other mechanical noises.


I've been working at remodeling the main studio so that it could have dedicated 50/50 space for both music production and graphic art production. The day the electronic drum kit arrived I was finally finished with this project.

Right now I am focused on my class at the University of Oxford. I have a paper due in 2 weeks which is totally stressing me out. And having just gone through that nightmare of the unreadable encryption emails - I REALLY don't need anymore stress. Thankfully, everything is now moved BACK to cmralphart@gmail.com


Well - that's all the news from here today. I'm taking the rest of the week off.

Until next time ... Here's the Godmother of drumming - 71 year old Dorothea Taylor



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