No one is more surprised than me that I graduated from my class at Oxford with a passing grade.

Seriously ...

I freaking PASSED!!!

There's a lot of new stuff going on in the studio which will be released in the coming month or so. I have some exciting goals set for 2023. 

One new change I will share today is that the old "door opening" studio opener for all my videos will be replaced by this - simple, clean, and effective static image.

The sound studio continues to slowly grow and be upgraded. There's a rumor that Santa will be dropping off some MIDI happiness - as an addition to my M-Audio Keystation 49,  AKAI MPD 226, and Alesis Drum Set - 

I'm also shopping for a new DAW. Mixcraft has served me well but I have outgrown it and it's time to put on my big boy knickers and find a more sophisticated DAW for music composition.

Not enough hours in a day to accomplish all the things I want to - but I just get up every day, create and repeat. 

Hope you are inspired to do the same.

Until next time ...


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