Watching It All Burn Down


I love watching Billionaires self-destruct.

Elon Musk carried a bathroom sink into the lobby of Twitter when he took over, as a photo opp – “Let that sink in.” He SHOULD have carried a toilet, because that’s where Twitter is now, just ONE WEEK later. He paid $44 Billion dollars for something that was worth about $13 Billion and then fired half the staff … I’m not that great at math... but come on, man.

Mark Zuckerburg, trying to sell his “Meta” idea to the public - when it is basically nothing more than a really, really sad and legless version of Second Life in 2003. He has lost over 100 Billion dollars and his stock has plummeted over 22%.

Trump, the Giant Orange Toxic Turd, who was probably never even worth a Billion dollars to begin with, is busy destroying the Republican party – I guarantee that if he runs for President again we will have another Democratic President elected in 2024. YAY!!!

Kanye West, the ranting, raving, mentally ill, rabidly antisemitic Q-Anazi, lost 2 Billion in a record breaking 24 hours.The dude only had 2 brain cells to begin with and they committed hara-kiri in front of his altar to Hitler.

And so it goes … even on a smaller scale, one after another lately, I’m watching many people fueled by unchecked ego, hubris and a total lack of common sense and self control flush their businesses down the toilet along with their reputations.

I know all these folks have a tight inner circle of sycophants whispering in their ears 24/7 that they are the smartest guys in the room, geniuses who can do no wrong. Yeah – How’s that working for ya? Wake Up Dorothy, you’ve been mind-fucked by your followers.

Pro Tip – Do ACTUAL Market Research instead of asking your Sister In-law, Mabel for her input.

I find all of this endlessly entertaining to watch … Happy Landings, Assholes.

Until next time ...


Here's - Burn Baby Burn - 'Disco Inferno' by The Trammps







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